Dont Worry im A Ghost

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Moon-Ki (Bong Tae-Gyu) is involved in an
accident and wakes up in the hospital. When he awakes, he can’t
remember his own name, family members or where he lives. Through
fingerprint checks, he learns that his name is Moon-Ki and his address.
When he goes to his home, Moon-Ki feels strange in the unfamiliar home.
Moon-Ki then wakes up in the middle of the night and sees a woman (Park
Shin-Hye) looking down on him. The woman tells Moon-Ki she is a ghost.
Moon-Ki believes the woman is an illusion brought upon by his accident.
Nevertheless, Moon-Ki later attends a funeral with the ghost and sees a
photo of the deceased person. The deceased person is none other than the
ghost! The ghost’s name is Kim Yeon-Hwa. She was murdered during a
robbery. Moon-Ki doesn’t know why she has come to him. He even asks her
if she wants him to catch her killer, but Yeon-Hwa says no. Yeon-Hwa
tells him that a detective will catch her killer, but there is something
more important than catching her killer and the reason she has come to
Moon-Ki is buried somewhere in his memory.

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