The Relation of Face,Mind and Love

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Talented architect Tae-pung Kang (Kang Ji-Hwan)
becomes involved in a car accident. Because of the accident, Tae-pung
encounters visual impairment which makes it hard for him to make out
features on a person. Then one day, he meets what he believes is a
beautiful woman named So-jung Wang (Lee Ji-A). In actuallity, So-jung is not a beauty queen as Tae-pung believes, having many facial blemishes.

Meanwhile, So-jung is unaware of Tae-pung's visual impairment and
becomes extremely flattered by the approach of this handsome man. In
fact, this is the first time in her life that a man has hit on her.
So-jung, who works as a journalist for an animal magazine, quickly falls
for Tae-pung and romance blooms between the couple.

Tae-pung then leaves on a business trip. During his business
trip, Tae-pung's vision reverts back to normal. When Tae-pung returns
home he doesn't recognize So-jung, not even when she is standing next to
him ...


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